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Posted by Nise on 2015-01-20 09:04 PM | comments 7

My Update AviUpdate for January...

I came with goodies!

Happy New Year!

I know I'm extra late with that but work keeps me extra busy trynna get my little ol' life together!

As I said before in my last update I'm moving and that is happening in less than a week. So I figured I get this update out before I really have no time. I'm trynna update atleast twice a month if no atleast once.

Also what more would you guys like to see of? I feel like I need to keep up with the times. Did you guys want some mobile wallpapers...??? Come on people let me know!

Also I'm currently am trying to make the site more SEO friendly, I don't know about mobile at this point and time, I feel like you can still browse on your phone and tablet just fine for now... But PHOENIX @ TFL said this will be good for traffic which I'm sure everyone wants more of. You'll come up better in search engines also. But I got so much stuff it makes no sense but I sent my site through a SEO checker.... I'm kinda pissed, lol. My Meta Tags and descriptions are all over the place so fix it I must. Atleast there were no broken links or anything like that.

Feel free to apply to be a link exchange or affy, apps are welcomed!

I have also made a topsites, site. I feel like at one point and time the anime community was bigger than this and it was so much more resources to get your site out there! SO I would like for your guys to join. I think its a great way to see all the sites together and get some hits while your at it!

The Flamboyant Top Sites

Also if you have a tut request, ask. I haven't had an idea for one in a while.]

Also I will ban IP addresses that spam, without hesitation, one attempt to do it and I banned you automatically, I hate it and will deal with spammers accordingly. So please refrain from doing so.


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Posted by Jennette on 2015-02-15 08:50 AM

I joined your topsites. :P Good suggestion.

Posted by Sasha on 2015-02-08 07:10 AM

Mobile wallpapers are a great idea. Mobiles have different resolutions so you would have to make different versions? Love the Attack on Titan layout :D

Posted by Mochi on 2015-02-01 01:49 AM

Hey Nise, I made some big updates if you want to take a look. How are things with you? Busy as bee too?

Posted by Amarie on 2015-01-27 07:39 PM

I think I finally got it figured out. I started over and it looked like it was just something silly that I kept overlooking. So, I'm good now. I REALLY appreciate your willingness to help me out. I'll be putting a link to your site on my credits page for the tutorial & for being so nice <3

Posted by Amarie on 2015-01-27 07:36 PM

Nise, I can't even explain how appreciative I am that you're so willing to help me with my issues. People like you are exactly why I love being a part of the web-designing community.
I've been pushing through all day today before I wanted to take you up on that and send you an example (cont'd.)

Posted by Amarie on 2015-01-26 01:56 AM

Awesome new layout! (As always)
I'm struggling SO hard with coding right now. I haven't coded a layout from scratch in YEARS. Even with your DIV tutorial, I manage to screw something up! :P I pray I get it together soon so I can offer better premades - using templates is just not cutting it :P

Posted by Lucien on 2015-01-23 09:12 AM

Thank you, you are too kind. :)
I saw the update and tweeted you (my Twitter id is @luciensabre and I'm following you) about it yesterday.

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