Posted by Nise on 2015-02-15 07:40 PM | comments 9

My Update AviUpdate for February...

I came with goodies!

So I added the mobile wallpapers section! I have various sizes so far, but if you have requests feel free to ask. Your just gonna have to figure out your screen resolution. Otherwise it will be made for iPhone's. There have been 14 new ones added I hop you guys enjoy! Just hang tight when searching for the resolution size, that piece of coding is making me ready to pull out my hair. But you can hover over the images to figure out what it is.

So if you guys would like to see anything else on the site then let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Feel free to apply to be a link exchange or affy, apps are welcomed!

I have also made a topsites, site. I feel like at one point and time the anime community was bigger than this and it was so much more resources to get your site out there! SO I would like for your guys to join. I think its a great way to see all the sites together and get some hits while your at it!

The Flamboyant Top Sites

Also if you have a tut request, ask. I haven't had an idea for one in a while.]

Also I will ban IP addresses that spam, without hesitation, one attempt to do it and I banned you automatically, I hate it and will deal with spammers accordingly. So please refrain from doing so.


14 Mobile Wallpapers

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Posted by Lucien on 2015-06-13 07:03 PM

*Lovedrug - damn typos. xD

Posted by Lucien on 2015-06-13 06:49 PM

Lucien was updated with new things and important news; come visit. :)

Posted by Lucien on 2015-05-27 09:42 AM

Hi back. :)
We understand if people cannot update regularly (look at me xD); life is time/breath-consuming like that. n.n

I love your mobile walls; gonna check them out and take a couple for my Android phone. :D

Posted by Miria on 2015-05-26 09:46 AM

Thanks Nise :) And yeah I agree. It's just a load of work! x.x Hope you're well and come back soon :)

Posted by Lucien on 2015-05-03 12:31 PM

Lovedrug had a change of look; come take a peek. :)

Posted by Lucien on 2015-04-24 08:22 AM

Thank you but, considering how often I update, there is pretty much nothing really deserving good comments. ^^;;;;;

Posted by Lucien on 2015-03-26 09:52 PM

Lovedrug got a new look and new things were added; come look. :)

Posted by Lucien on 2015-02-21 04:12 PM

Lovedrug was finally updated with new things and a brand new look; come peek. :)

Posted by Lucien on 2015-02-16 04:44 PM

Hi to you; how's going?

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