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My Update AviThe new Year!

Hello 2016! I'm still alive! I'm just working really hard, 2 jobs , 7 days a week. But Untill I geet some free time, which is on the weekends. There wont be much updates. I'm trying to get my life together. Not saying its outta control or anything. I just want better and with this new job thats what Im getting. I might make some small graphics update in February so just wait on it.

No graphics just a rant. Got some suggestions on what I should be watching?

If you applied for the top sites please apply again if you haven't received your code. I'm usually really good about keeping up with that behind the scene.

Feel free to apply to be a link exchange, apps are welcomed!

I have also made a topsites, site. I feel like at one point and time the anime community was bigger than this and it was so much more resources to get your site out there! SO I would like for your guys to join. I think its a great way to see all the sites together and get some hits while your at it!

The Flamboyant Top Sites

Also if you have a tut request, ask. I haven't had an idea for one in a while.]

Also I will ban IP addresses that spam, without hesitation, one attempt to do it and I banned you automatically, I hate it and will deal with spammers accordingly. So please refrain from doing so.


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3 New Layouts
1 Revamped Layout
4 Icons/Avatars

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