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My Update AviSo, I’ve been watching some anime, also some foreign films. Been debating if I should even watch the new Eureka 7 series. I’ll think about it some more.

So the list: Deadman Wonderland, Hiiro no Kakera, Sakamichi no Apollon, I also re watched Gurren Lagann. Seeing as I watch the second half and not the first. Oh and Casshern: Sins. That was really good! An some others through Netflix I’ll have to double check again!

So along with getting a new job there have been troubles. We got into a really bad car crash in April. The most scariest thing in my like. We were returning back from Minnesota. Me an my mother was in the back sleep, my brother in the front sleep and my grandpa driving. (We think he dozed off even through he didn’t even drive a hour. Or the man with the trailer cut him off and he didn’t have enough time to react cause they said he was flying and cutting people off.) He hit the back of someone’s boat trailer then we hit the side brick wall we spun off through the construction and into a ditch. I’m so glad they had on they seat belts in the front but seeing as me and my mom was in the back laid out sleep we did not. She broke he nose and I flew to the floor. I never thought about death but I thought I was going to die that day with my mom screaming for me.

So I’m back on the struggle and hustle. She need a car and I need a car. So I gotta start saving to buy me one. So I gotta work super hard. Also somebody stole her IPod touch from me, I think it was my cousin sad he would do such a thing. But I have to replace that also, that’s another set back. Seems like I can’t get ahead. But after I buy that. That’s it, nobody can get a penny outta me, I can’t afford it!

Blah that’s it for the rant!

Reading, Watching, enjoying.

So, I’ve been reading, watching, and enjoying, some manga, drama, and anime. I’ve actually watched a drama that was pretty good, Hotaru no Hikari. As for manga lately, I’ve been reading Bleach, Skip Beat, and some others. Anime, no, not really, but I really wanted to rant on a few I watched some time ago.

Now I can’t remember them all but this one I remember for sure. Claymore. I haven’t read the manga but I have watch the anime and all I can say it, what the fuck. Well, what the fuck to the ending. I’ve never been so mad before, except the other anime I watched, I wish I remembered its name! But back to the issue! For whatever reason I will never understand why did Clare, let Raki get in her way of killing Priscilla!!! I wanted blood! I wanted Priscilla dead! An she got away…. Ugh, grrr! Like what the hell man! Let me get off this subject before I blow a fuse!

I read Beck! An let me say, that was a really good read. I enjoyed it very much I would recommend anyone to read it. Also Immortal Regis was a good read, Its was a few faces I wanted to beat in, but good read, Cavalier of the Abyss is like the second setting. It’s still ongoing, and it’s pretty good so far.

So any sugesstions people, latley I’ve been bored and trying to find good reads ans stuff to watch so if you have anything you watch and think I might enjoy it please, let me know!

Also let my tell ya’ll what the idiot me did… I was playing in my ear like always, but this time I tripped and the object I had in my hand went into my ear. I was to shocked yo even scream, all I could even think about is my eardrum. But it started bleeding, but I could hear everything just fine. So I hope and pray I just struck something in the ear canal. I’m going to wait a few days so what ever got poked can scab over before I flush it out. Because I know for sure its got a ton of dried blood in there. -_-

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