20 days!

My Update AviSo I lied! The dates has been changed, once again, for when I go to Vegas. Its getting closer and closer. I don’t think im ready yet!

So I had to go to work and change the dates I wanted off. Which came too close for requesting them off. My job puts out the work schedule 3 weeks out and if she told me one day later I would have not been going. As much as I would have loved to go to Vegas I need my job more.

So maybe I can pick up some short shifts at work. Cause me being gone a whole week and only 2 of those days im getting paid for means a very little check. I need all the money I can get. But only if there are short shifts. Long ones is just too rough on my body. 8 1/3 hours of standing is no fun.

Bought a Steve madden clutch. Omg its so cute! They had a purse in the same color. I really wanted both but I had yo think smart. I have no clutch purses so thats what I went with. Originally $58, got it for $11. I need to be a stylist or something sheesh.

Clutch.  $11.

Clutch. $11.

  • March 3rd, 2013
  • Posted in Fashion

Countdown to Vegas. 33 days.

So for my best friend 21st birthday were going to Vegas and L.A. I’m so excited and just cannot wait. So for the next few blogs Im going to post how I’m getting ready. Most people don’t know I’m a bit fashion trendy. So I picked up a few magazines and started picking up pieces that I think I wanna take with me. I’ll be posting pictures.

Picked up both the purse and shirt from Target. My secret store, you can find pretty good stuff in there if you look. Both on sale for about 12$. I’m very cheap. Unless I’m spending someone else’s money but since I was spending mine I was in the clearance rack. I plan on pairing that shirt with a white blazer black leggings or jeans and some nude pump or flats. Very cute. I always picked up a white button up, I got a blue skirt I had for about 3 yrs never wore it brand new that I’m gonna wear with that.

Target. $12.98

Target. $12.98

Target. $12.98

Target. $12.98


  • February 25th, 2013
  • Posted in Fashion
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