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I havent blogged in a while and I feel like I should.

So I moved. An I’m very excited. I felt like being under my mother, was very taxing on me. For many, many reasons. Now I’ve on my own, late in life of course. I’ve always seemed to be a late bloomer on things. I didn’t get a license till I was 20, only because I didn’t feel the need to. But I also moved out when I was 24. Reasons before I was in school. No longer am but I think I might go back though…

But anywho,I have been freelancing around my community. I’ve been doing some party flyers, invites, a website here and there. You can check out my portfolio I try my best to update it. I just want to expand a bit more. Perfect my craft.I don’t want to work for the man I just wanna work for me. I’m bad at taking orders. Make this my living and I’m trying my hardest.

I really wanna do a clothing line something like Supreme, or Diamond Supply. But the money to get stuff printed it just outta control and I have other thing I need to get. Like a damn car.

So about this car I’m thinking hey, “Should I buy a cheap a-b. Or a car note?”. I need something bad. I want another job I’m tired of the one I got, but I need transportation to get to another one. I need more money though. This is not cutting it at all! The bills and what if I do get a car note? Imma really be broke not that I’, out on my own. I’m just happy when I get some requests in. Gosh I need a vacation.

  • July 14th, 2015
  • Posted in Daily


Sooooooo. I can’t believe I had like $400 saved up and I keep pinching out of it. So I ended up spend it all and had to start over again. God I need some money management.

So I really wanna move! I’m going to fill out an app this week when I get paid I need to move!

But nothing new in my life work, work, and more work. I need to get back into school next semester. I’m getting pretty old now, lol. I just pray things go well.

Sad news I still need a laptop. The hinges on mine is broke so its propped up and open in the computer room. It still works fine, but that bitch is a hassle.

Also if you want to be a blog buddie just ask, contact me or leave a comment asking!

  • August 26th, 2013
  • Posted in Daily

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