Sooooooo. I can’t believe I had like $400 saved up and I keep pinching out of it. So I ended up spend it all and had to start over again. God I need some money management.

So I really wanna move! I’m going to fill out an app this week when I get paid I need to move!

But nothing new in my life work, work, and more work. I need to get back into school next semester. I’m getting pretty old now, lol. I just pray things go well.

Sad news I still need a laptop. The hinges on mine is broke so its propped up and open in the computer room. It still works fine, but that bitch is a hassle.

Also if you want to be a blog buddie just ask, contact me or leave a comment asking!



  1. Pim, August 29, 2013:

    I changed site layout come check it out if you want.

    Just dropping by to see how you’re doing.

  2. Pim, September 13, 2013:

    Hi Nise. How are you? Please change my site link

    it’s not any more

  3. Pim, November 22, 2013:

    Just dropping by. How are you? Please change my site link I don’t use nor any more just letting you know

  4. amano, January 6, 2014:

    Hey Nise, is your blog still alive? @_@

  5. amano, January 6, 2014:

    Is your blog still active? LOL. Sorry for the double post.

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