I never went through so much trouble as I did this month. So lets begin…

I went through hell to save money for a new screen or a new phone. So I went to ebay, found one, they took it off because I guess it wasn’t going the way they wanted it to go. So I was outta luck, and it was sooo cheap too. So I was going to buy a phone screen, which I needed a bit more money but I figure I get it one way or another.

Now please don’t ask me how I ended up at my mothers house (I don’t leave there, I just come over cause my brother has the xbox XD) and I ended up staying like always because it seems like nobody ever wants to take me home. Come to find out, they, my mother and younger brother, has no money at all. I mean none! Broke! With no food. Now my brother has to catch the bus to school and pay for his lunch which is about 5-7$ each day. 5 days a week, you do the math. They sucked me for all the money I had, I even put food in the house! Remind you I DON”T LIVE THERE! But I never get a thank you. Then her boyfriend goes, “Janise needs to contribute.”.

Excuse me! I just gave all my hard earned cash to that household that I don’t even live in, and I’m stuck with my few bills and a fucked up cellphone! But even when I do stay for a few days I do all the errands, I clean, cook, and wash clothes. But I’m lazy and don’t contribute! The hell is that!

Calm down Nise, it’s okay.

Then a classmate of mines died, he had a heart attack. The hardest thing I had to do all year was going to see him off. I never cried so much in a long time, I’m even tearing up as I type. This isn’t the first time a class mate died, one before died because of health problems, but I didn’t know her enough to be affected. I knew my friend Q enough to be affected. He didn’t even look the same ='(.

I wont get into that anymore, it’s just been rough. My money wasn’t how it was and its just tough out here right about now. I just wanna get away for a vacation.



  1. Rae, October 22, 2011:

    hahahaha I have enough fat on my body to go days without eating, just drinking water. bwhaha.

    I’m trying to at least make him a friend. I know declaring that I want to tell him my feelings is too quick but since I’m on the quarter system, I only have 5 weeks left of class, and I’m pretty sure we’re not taking the same Chinese class winter quarter so I’m at a race against time.

    Oh! let’s be blogs buddies! hehe (I’ll add you later. If you’re not up by tomorrow, then I forgot. [my bad!] Remind me tomorrow!)

    Money, money, money. So much distress out of it. I hate spending money as it is and most of the money I own isn’t mine, it’s my parents. I wish I could work so they can stop sending me money every month. I feel so guilty. I guess in your case, you should at least help out your mom for a while since she did raise you for so long. It’s more of giving back… if that makes sense. but yes, frustrating indeed. Your mom’s boyfriend sounds bad. Isn’t he working?

    I also do so much chores when I’m home also that it’s SO ridiculous! I’m only home for a few days and I’m stuck doing so much, and since I can at least cook now, I feel I’m going to be making dinner when I go home for winter break.

  2. Nise, October 23, 2011:

    You say help out, but my brother isn’t my child, he has both his parents. They need to take some responsibility. For the years my father was alive he brought all my things, my mother had to ask for nothing.

    Also, go broke till I have no money, I have expenses just like her I can’t even take care of my stuff. My account goes to 0.00. So now I’m outta money when I dont even have a stable job, but she does. That’s like taking from the poor. =/

  3. Melisa, October 30, 2011:

    WOW! had no idea you had so much trouble in your life! I had to tell myself while I’m at work that I’m not the only one feeling pain in this world there as to be a billion more ppl with worse situation than I! but with all the bitterness in your life you had to go through a death of a friend? that’s where you take your time and reflect on you! about your live – school – Job – and may be family after you have accomplish your goals this year I’m thinking of me for the first time in my life I had to take myself away from my family because I had enough. focus on your task and don’t be distracted I hope your going to classes this winter coming. I may still have more to say but for know cheer up your mom may need you more than you think! so don’t make it trouble you that you have to do everything blessing will fall your way^^.

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