A new year a new start. I’m at my grandmothers as I said in my last update. All I can say is….I need to live by myself. I’m am sure I’m made to live in solitude. As much as I love her and I really do. She’s so old school and she does the most. Does the most? You don’t know what that means? Well it just means she’s a busy body. Better? Good. So I’m just trying to make it to atleast April, by then I should have my car, and I will get a second job and off to live on my own!

Nothing new other than that. I am taking a break from school. I’m just so stressed out and money is the problem. Second job here I come.

Did I mention that my love life as of lately is sucky? Omg, it sucks so bad. I swear I hate all the boys in my city. Social networks will make sure you know everyone and what they are doing. I swear they either talked to everyone or they up to no good. An the one guy I like like this other girl. Sad face. My bestfriend swears she ugly, lol. I just think her eyebrows are outta control sharp looking. An the crazy thing is both my best friends have faith in my that I could date this boy. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. I lost all confidence in my self in this thing called love. Said isn’t it?

Also I just got ahold of Hulu. OMG. The best thing every! An the amine selection is something nice. Along with the dramas. Between Nextflix and Hulu. I might never watch regular T.V. again. I advise ppl to go get a week free trail and just enjoy it. Also please go watch Scandal. If you don’t I will come give you a beating and then make you watch it anyways. Best show on tv in such a long time.

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