About Janise

Preview Name: Nise (Janise Webb)

Birthday:June 23, 1990
Background: African-American
Location: The States
Sign: Cancer
Sign Chinese: Horse
Fav Color: Purple, Silver, & Black!
Stats: Owner
Email: flamboyant.designs@gmail.com
Messanger: nis3_09@yahoo.com | nis3_09@hotmail.com | flamboyant.designs@gmail.com |

Hobbies: dreaming about Kakashi Sensei & Lord Sesshy, eating, sleeping, and breathing
Quotes I Have: “Your messing up rotation.”, “Aww, that’s so said”, and “Patience is a virtue of which I have none.”.

( What I’m Like )

I think I’m a very nice person, but others tell me I’ “bipolar”. I don’t think I am, I mean I might flip out here and there but does it really make me “bipolar”? Oh well I’ll guess I’ll never know. But I can’t lie, I’m a very lazy person!

I like doing allot of thinks like drawing, day dreaming, graphix designing, debating, track, boys, eating, chocolate, sleeping, my dogs, anime, and much more! But I also dislike some things to like those who steal, viruses, & haters!

I tend to read allot of manga. You name it I probably read it. From “Absolute Boyfriend” to “Vampire Knight”. Reading is my most favorite thing to do!

For languages I can speack some Spanish and Japanese. English of course, I do live in America and “Idiot” way to well!

( Fanlistings Joined )

kakashi | renji | byakuya | quincy | ukitake | kouga | sesshoumaru

The Flamboyant

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