Alter Ego.

I love having random titles. I believe my alter ego I’d batman, Bruce Wayne. A guy you ask? I mean his flat out awesome. One of the greatest detective alive and he has no powers. He had money and power. I love him.

But I been thinking of making a Sesshomaru and Rin fan fiction. I love those 2 to death as a couple. An older version of Rin of course. I just haven’t really found any good ones to read or I have read them all. Sad but true.

I also been thinking if im not where I want to be by the end of this year I am going to the military. Yes, I either need to find a second job or something. I can’t stand to live with my mother anymore, she’s driving me up a wall. I can del with her anymore. I also need a car. She’s asking for all kinds of money leaving me to save none. I can’t move or get a car if she keeps draining me dry im tired of this cycle. My mother is very selfish she thinks of no one but herself. She’s also very childish and dramatic. I dont have time for this and she shouldn’t either your over the age of 40. So I pray that things change if not im shipping out.

I think I’m a shopaholic.

My Update AviSO I didn’t go to Vegas. Sad I know, for one reason only. The tickets to get out there was outrageous! An I think it was beacase it was around spring break cause the hiked up the prices. They ranged from $500-$1,000. My best friend was like uh, no, I’m not paying that much for a ticket. I said uh, no, me either. So we decided to go in June she’s looking at tickets now which is around $300. So much cheaper! I may or may not go it just depends, my birthday is in June and I have plans I’ll be spending allot of cash.

So I do believe I am a shopaholic. I go to the store just to buy shit. I mean it. I go shop for me, I go shop for my brother. I just pick up stuff know I can live without it. Yet I have no car. Wtf am I doing?!?! I need a damn car like yesterday. So I will try. No I will save something from out of each paycheck from now on. I really planned to have something like last month. But I spent the money on me and my brother. I believe he deserves it. He goes to school and stay out of trouble and plays 2 sports. So he really doesn’t have time for a job. He will be going to college in the fall and he’s school is pretty much paid for. He did well with grants and work study.

So wish me luck with the saving cause I really need it.

The Flamboyant

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