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Street Soul

This layout uses allot of curves. Nothing special. I haven't made like a person layout at all. I thought that it was long over due, since I mad avatars and not a layout. So here you go! Its simple. I codded it a different way and its allot easier. People told me to code the layout like this but I just didn't feel like it.Oh well. Need any help email me at

Using the Layout

1. Unzip and upload all of the files to a temporary files folder.
2. Open main.html with your favorite HTML Editor and replace all the text I have here with your own.
3. And place the right image_01.jpg with the ones I have.
4. Upload to your own server.
5. Plz DO NOT direct link!
6. Need any help? Just contact me!


BOLD, underline, and italics.

"This is a blockquote. I'm expanding the way I do my layouts hope you like it! You can use this anyway you want."


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