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ID: 19 | TITLE: Rave | SERIES: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya | DATE: 08-13-2008

Artist Comment:

I really love this wallpaper. I love how these colors go so well together. I’ve been working on this for a couple of days. Couldn’t find the right kind of brushes for it.
I started working on it after I seen a pinball machine. Weird huh? But thats what it reminds me of and also a rave. With all the techno music and the paints everywhere.

But on the vector I changed here hand band to grey, couldn’t stand the orange. And change the maroon ribbon to a pink, and the bottom part of her shoe is now a lime green with blue streaks. I didn’t want to change any other colors cause then it would match too much. This way she would stick out more.

Hope you like it.

Vector: http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/tagged/item105622/ – `Chloe-chan
Brushes: http://paulw.deviantart.com/art/36-Vector-Brushes-for-CS-1-2-3-78988725
http://aless1984.deviantart.com/art/Dashed-Line-Brushes-35113013 http://ariel-g.deviantart.com/art/BrushPack01-31034197


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